About Nspired Ascensions Inc.

NSPIRED ASCENSIONS, INC. is a fully incorporated non-profit charity that is committed to nurturing the gift God has given to all. We strive to help young people of all ages and women and men in the areas of self-direction, self-esteem, health awareness and resource development and to help in the development of children for a more productive life, which will enhance their ability to have a successful future. Biblical concepts will be taught and modeled on a daily basis through NSPIRED ASCENSIONS, INC. programs.

We at NSPIRED ASCENSIONS, INC. believe that young men who have strong support systems are the most successful in life. In years past, families could depend on their neighbors and other people in the community to aid in raising their children, provide them with guidance and support. But, times have changed! Our vision is to restore individuals by partnering with families and helping them build a village that will help strengthen and support individuals within their family units. We will do this through community partnership & involvement, parent empowerment, educational development and youth engagement. As a result, individuals who participate in NSPIRED ASCENSIONS, INC. programs will have a strong support system giving them a greater opportunity to be successful in school, career and beyond.

Started in 2017 by Mr. Scott P. Dawson, NSPIRED ASCENSIONS, INC.’s philosophy is that no young person, interested in upward mobility should have to go without the necessary tools to effectively manage their life path, without the assistance and support of understanding family and concerned peers and other members of the larger community.