About Nspired Ascensions Inc.

NSPIRED ASCENSIONS, INC. is a fully incorporated non-profit charity that is committed to nurturing the gift God has given to all. We strive to help young people of all ages and women and men in the areas of self-direction, self-esteem, health awareness and resource development and to help in the development of children for a more productive life, which will enhance their ability to have a successful future. Biblical concepts will be taught and modeled on a daily basis through NSPIRED ASCENSIONS, INC. programs.

We at NSPIRED ASCENSIONS, INC. believe that young men who have strong support systems are the most successful in life. In years past, families could depend on their neighbors and other people in the community to aid in raising their children, provide them with guidance and support. But, times have changed! Our vision is to restore individuals by partnering with families and helping them build a village that will help strengthen and support individuals within their family units. We will do this through community partnership & involvement, parent empowerment, educational development and youth engagement. As a result, individuals who participate in NSPIRED ASCENSIONS, INC. programs will have a strong support system giving them a greater opportunity to be successful in school, career and beyond.

Started in 2017 by Mr. Scott P. Dawson, NSPIRED ASCENSIONS, INC.’s philosophy is that no young person, interested in upward mobility should not have to go without the necessary tools to effectively manage their life path, without the assistance and support of understanding family and concerned peers and other members of the larger community.

Personal Coaching

Through coaching and motivating our clients they are able to walk away with a strategic game plan that allows them to start where they are to get to where they need to be. Clients gain clarity of their purpose by understanding the steps it takes to get through the process that is holding them back from greatness.

School Speaking Tour

As a teen, sometimes it can feel like you’re in this all by yourself. It can feel like no one hears you or even cares about what you think or feel.  We’re coming to let you know that we care, we see you and, we’re here to listen and act.

Academic Achievement

Scholastic Accountability and Success Guidance for Students.

Parent / Teacher Coaching

Equipping Parents and Teachers with Necessary Tools to Allow them to Connect with Students, While creating a Positive Response.


Peer Mentoring

A Guided Dialogue with Peers to Acknowledge Strengths, Weaknesses, and Familiarities to Provide Opportunities for Self Growth.

Virtual Coaching

Through Virtual Technology, A Coach In A Remote Location Can Mentor, Guide, and Support A Student.

What Is Vision Life Coaching?

Every kid has the promise of greatness within them — every single one. The key to nurturing that greatness is knowing each child’s unique approach to learning. I’ll be honest with you. If you coached football and ran the same plays every game, every week, every season, you’d get beat daily. The best coaches learn their squad’s strengths then mix and match their plays to bring out the best in their team. Great teachers do the same. By identifying a kid’s unique approach to learning, their “superpower,” teachers are better able to coach their students to greatness! Unfortunately, most kids don’t even know that they have a superpower and, that’s where “Vision Life Coaching” comes in. Every student CAN succeed! They just need the right tools to make that happen. Every child wants to achieve greatness; it’s our job to teach them how.

After Attending the Vision Life Coaching, Students will be able to:
  • Express the importance of knowing who they are.

  • Advocate for their preferences and become more autonomous students.

  • Take steps toward learning how to master their individual skill sets.

After Attending the Vision Life Coaching, Teachers will be able to:
  • Understand how to properly reach each of their students by learning their preferences.

  • Humanize their students.

  • Become more proactive with their lessons and activities based on their students’ needs.

Homeless Initiative

Nspired Acensions Inc. is an organization that sees the need everywhere. The president of the organization has grown up with a background of poverty and homeless so helping the less fortunate is very near and dear to his heart. The organization cooks meals, provides clothes, and other assistance to different homeless organizations around the nation. The Refuge Place is another organization the Nspired Ascensions Inc. partners with to provide assistant throughout Indianapolis, IN.

Our organization partners with the Refuge Place monthly to provide meals and clothing. We invite churches to provide singing, bible studies, and transportation to their church for worship services and more. Together we’ve been able to provide warm meals for men, women, and children while the number of homeless families we see is growing in of service and support.

We are always open to having additional assistance and support with helping our less fortunate families.

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Scott, You make some great points, and I love how you’ve explained each and supported it with your own insights and outside sources.”

– Forbes

Scott, Your trainings are invaluable and the takeaways are too many to count. Thank you again for sharing your time, knowledge, and experience. We look forward to having you back.

– Dr. Hawke

I loved learning about goal setting in order to achieve what you really want.

 – Garrett (4th Grader)

Online Coaching Resources

We are committed to helping the youth see their full potential by showing them their strength. We coach our clients using one of our main mantra’s for the youth, “leadership by example”. Through coaching and personal development training, both the client and youth see what it means to hold yourself accountable in order to succeed.

We are always working hard to raise funds for our scholarships and homeless meal deliveries to bring food to many homeless people and help a struggling student with funds to help them in their academic journey. 

We believe a mind is a terrible thing to waste and would like to reward those who have chosen to use their mind to better the generations that come behind them.

Your Donations Always Make A Difference

Dear potential sponsor

We at Nspired Ascensions Inc. work hard each year to provide a positive impact in our community and school systems by improving the lives of the less fortunate and underserved youth.

We are always working hard to raise funds for our scholarships and homeless meal deliveries to bring food to many homeless people and help a struggling student with funds to help them in their academic journey. That’s why we are currently looking for sponsors to help us reach our goal. Would you be willing to help us by sponsoring our projects with a donation?

Your generosity means the world to us. The support from our sponsors helps us host our events, where we provide two scholarships and feed the homeless once each month every year. If we raise that same amount this year, we can accomplish possibly to feed the homeless twice each month and potentially offer four scholarships. Imagine what we can do with your help!

Thank you so much!

Nspired Ascensions, Inc.

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